Yesterday I made some pony and snail flower pot decorations,
 I love the ponies more, but my coworker loves the snails. 

Today, I made the snail cross stitch free paterns, 
hope you all enjoy it. 

I didn't ofer the color key for every chart, 
because I think the paterns are small, 
and you can creat your own color arrangement, 
It will be more fun. 

But the snail pattern I offered today are with color keys, 
because they felt soft and lovely, 
maybe you will like to know the keys. 

I picked the colors according to Sunnygarner's chart(released on 2008.05.22). 
She is a very kind person, always offers a lot "how to make" for bloggers. 
Her blog is filled with beautiful and lovely handmade stuffs, 
worth a visit!!(strongly recomanded!!)
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  • Sunny
  • Good Work!!!

    Dear lala
  • 謝謝sunny姊不藏私的分享啦!

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